Gone Cycling

Well, I think I’ve finally done it. Retired. When I say retired I still have a 2 day p/t job, but it’s a case of turn up, do work, go home and forget about it. The important thing is it’ll leave me with time to re-engage in my photography, as opposed to just reading about […]

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2023 round up

2023 Round Up

Another year nearly over and a feeling that progress has been made, at least since June and my last post. I won’t regurgitate what happened in the first six months – life’s too short, as they say. Once I’d moved on to working a 2 day week (Sat & Sun) I’ve used Mon. to Fri.

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Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Two reasons for the choice of this post title 1.) It’s been six months since my last one and 2.) It’s a catchup on my mental health status – anxiety and depression. The “blues”, get it? Whatever. A little history Back in 2011 I was assessed by Lincolnshire Mental Health Services prior to a referral

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RIP 2022

RIP 2022

In all honesty I will be glad to see the back of 2022. At the back end of 2021 it all looked very promising. I’d gone full-time with my employer in the November, getting rid of another part-time job in the process to simplify life and put a few more shekels in my pocket. And

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