Leeds First Friday – NOT

Back in Leeds with Louise. The last time was Feb 2020. She’s gone off to book into the Marriott while I’ve just been informed by Travelodge Vicar Lane that I’ve been successfully re-booked into the Blayds Yard one. That’ll be much easier to return to after our night out 🙂

Blayds Yard hasn’t been refurbished yet so I have a bath – always useful for leg shaving. But no USB charging points.

I’m looking for a plain grey top and have seen a Next one with a rusched front to it, online, so I’m getting my makeup on, a pair of skinny blue jeans and the “Stranger Things” tee shirt I bought in Brighton last week.

I left the hotel room about 4.30pm, without a jacket as it felt quite warm and iPhone in hand with the maps app to guide me to Next in the Trinity centre. Finding the place was a doddle except the shop wasn’t there! Somewhat miffed I found my way back to Briggate and did a bit of window shopping. Saw a lovely blouse in River Island, creamy lace with a v-neck.

I thought about going in but then Louise called, so I headed over to the Marriott. I met her outside and went back to Briggate to look for facial masks as she’d forgotten hers. I ended up finding some in Boots.

We were both getting hungry, so we walked to Bibis restaurant – I had some form of carbonara and Louise chose the ravioli with a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc. I think next time I’ll suggest the small, family-run Italian on The Bridge, opposite The Cosmopolitan.

Bibis restaurant

Afterwards, we called into the Cosmo for a drink, and from there to Fibre where the bar staff did an amazing job of pumping us for drinks every 5 mins, no make that every 3 mins, or so it seemed.

Back to The Cosmo where we bumped into Ashleah and Leah. We go all the way to Leeds only to meet two girls that live not 5 miles from me! Still, it was good to see them.

Not long afterwards Louise turned in for an early night and the three of us walked over to Smokestack. This is normally the best venue in Leeds that I’ve been to, but without being able to dance and being restricted to our table it was too tame – oh well.

I didn’t stay too long and instead headed back to the Travelodge for a relatively early night.

Although not an official LFF event it was good to see and talk to the other familiar faces who had the same idea as Louise and me to visit Leeds (First Friday).

Only next time I think it will be a night out in Sheffield, which will work out a lot less expensive!

Header photo credit: Ashleah

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