Colour Analysis

What is Colour Analysis?

Colour analysis is the process of establishing which shades of colour suit you. Notice I didn’t say which colours suit you; this is because you can wear any colour provided that the shade matches your colour type.

What is colour type?

Colorimetry, based on Albert Munsell’s theory of colour divided the human perception of colours into three categories: Hue, Value and Chroma. Now, before I go on, I am going to refer to these categories as Hue, Saturation and Luminosity respectively. This is because I think it makes more sense and is easier to understand, and graphics programs like Photoshop use the same terminology (HSL).

Looking at Hue first, this refers to your skin’s undertones which are either warm or cool – yellowish undertones if warm and blueish ones if cool.

Next, Saturation is the depth of colour – either light or dark (also referred to as deep).

Finally, Luminosity is to what degree your skin type is clear or dull (soft).

Now, these three qualities (HSL) will be present in everyone to varying degrees. However, one colour type will usually dominate. Then the other two colour types will make up your secondary and tertiary ones. To give you an example, my dominant colour type is Soft, my secondary is Warm and my tertiary is Light, so I’m a Soft, Warm, Light.

Now, you maybe wondering how you get your colour type analysed? Well, organisations like Colour Me Beautiful (I am one of their image consultants) provide a colour analysis consultation where your shades are established depending on your colour type. And the reason this is so important is because the wrong shade can cause shadows, emphasise wrinkles and generally have a non-flattering effect on you. Conversely, choosing the colours that match your colour type will enhance your look, leaving you appearing younger, healthier and fitter. When you understand what flatters you and why, it will help you gain the confidence to simply be yourself.

As part of the CMB colour analysis process the consultant also provides a mini-makeover in your dominant colours so you can see the effect of applying your matching shades of colour, taking away the guesswork when buying from the Colour Me Beautiful range of makeup – no obligation, of course.

And as an added bonus you get a colour swatch wallet holding the colours that suit your colour type, making it easy when out shopping to choose the right colours for you.

If you’d like to know more, please do call me on 07981 265183 or use my contact form.

Looking forward to having a chat with you.

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