Difference Between Fashion & Style

What is the Difference Between Fashion and Style?

Although you can’t divorce fashion and style they come from two very different quarters. And knowing the difference will help you play the fashion game to your advantage, rather than becoming a victim of it.

OK, so what’s the difference? Well, fashion is controlled and dictated by the fashion industry and style, your style, is controlled by you – unless you blindly follow fashion’s dictates.

Let’s take an example – this year’s colour is ‘Very Peri’, a new blue-based pantone colour. So what if your colour type is ‘Warm’? Blue is supposed to be a ‘cool’ colour. What do you do? Go with this year’s colour to rigidly follow the fashion… or find a similar but different shade of blue that matches your colour type , and suits you so much better? Taking the latter course steers you close to the fashion trends, but plays to your strengths. BTW, I’ll cover colour in another post.

One more example… different clothes designs suit different body shapes. Fashionable designs aren’t always going to suit your particular body shape and rather than wearing a trendy style that doesn’t enhance your features, why not choose a classic style that works for you? You’ll feel much better for it.

For those of you whose style is still evolving it will take time to work out what works for you and expresses the person you are, but enjoy the journey – it can be fun.

And if you’d like some help let me know and I will be able to advise you on putting together an amazing wardrobe that truly reflects your inner Diva.

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