Style Personality

What’s Your Style Personality?

What is Style?

Think of this as an introduction to the subject. One thing’s for sure, if someone is being too prescriptive about it they’re almost certainly missing the point. Because style is linked to identity and we’re all unique.

Having said that, it is possible to broadly define a number of style personalities, which can help you decide which direction you want to go in when discovering and choosing clothes that will make a statement about who you are. And the more your clothes reflect who you are the more comfortable and confident you’ll feel about wearing them.

Style Personalities

Let’s look at 6 broad categories of style personality:

  • Creative
  • Dramatic
  • Romantic
  • Classic
  • Natural
  • Chic


You don’t follow the crowd. You tend not to have a favourite brand and there’s an element of the magpie about you. Charity shops are often your hunting grounds along with craft fairs where you’re looking for individual items of jewelry. You’re the opposite of the ‘Classic’. Conservative isn’t you. You’re mix and probably not match and definitely not ‘Miss Co-ordinated’.


You like attention! (Whether you’re prepared to admit it, or not). You like to make a statement, and you will be noticed. You buy it if you like it, but fashion is important to you. Your makeup will get you noticed. You’ll be found in the fashion stores.


You won’t leave home without a full makeup kit in your handbag. You love floral designs, bows and detail flourishes on your clothes. Dainty sandals with a heel are top of your shoe list. Oh, and you love shopping.


Your hairstyle will be neat. Your shoes will match your handbag and you’ll stick to the same makeup routine. Your wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without without tailored suits and co-ordinated separates. You’d die if you had to swap your wardrobe with a ‘Creative’!


Unlike the ‘Romantic’ it’d be good going if you remembered to take just a lipstick out with you. And rather than a handbag you’ll have clothes with plenty of pockets. Colour? Whatever, you’re not bothered.


You’re prepared to spend money on the staples in your wardrobe, but will accessorise with cheaper items of jewelry. Your trademark is simple and elegant with a tone-on-tone look.

How Does it All Work?

Well, it’s unlikely you’ll fit neatly into just one category. Life’s not like that. For example, you will adapt to your family, work and social life giving you the opportunity to express your style personality in a variety of ways.

Just as an example, I carried out an image and style assessment for a lady whose style questionaire revealed her to be a ‘Natural’/’Dramatic’. Now, you’d think these were polar opposites, but when discussing her lifestyle, at home she was a ‘Natural’ (and indeed when she arrived for the consultation I had her down as a ‘Natural’, but a large part of her social life was taken up with ballroom dancing where she wore elaborate and dramatic clothes and makeup hence the ‘Dramatic’ side to her style personality.

I’ve only mentioned a few of the traits for each style personality to give you an indication of the various factors considered when establishing your style personality.

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