Unexpected Christmas Present

An Unexpected Christmas Present

I’ve just had one of the most amazing christmas presents from a completely unexpected source. Of all places, those pesky instagram posts that come after the posts of the folk I follow. This one was a reel (if that’s what you call it) of someone asking a busker to play the 3rd movement of the Moonlight Sonata.

This music has been etched on my brain ever since the eldest of my two sisters would practise it whilst I lay awake in bed. I would often not go to sleep at night, but instead listen to both sisters practising either the piano, violin, flute or french horn.

I never knew the name of this piece, but as soon as I heard the busker play it I knew it was my long lost tune – both sisters won scholarships and graduated from the Royal Academy of Music, so it was always a pleasure to hear them practise. It’s where my appeciation for classical music came from at the age 6 or 7.

And it’s only taken 60 years to find out. I did ask my sister, but she couldn’t recall it from the rhythm I gave her.

A truly magical Christmas gift, and to have discovered it literally on Christmas Day is very special to me.

Valentina Lisitsa’s interpretation and performance is amazing – it’s now in my bookmarks toolbar, never to be forgotten again.

Please go watch and listen…

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