Gone Cycling

Well, I think I’ve finally done it. Retired.

When I say retired I still have a 2 day p/t job, but it’s a case of turn up, do work, go home and forget about it. The important thing is it’ll leave me with time to re-engage in my photography, as opposed to just reading about it, although I do very much enjoy both.

I do have a very specific project in mind, which I’ve been mulling over and considering for far too long, but as luck would have it, it could come together in an amazing way I hadn’t considered before.

Watch this space and I’ll update and be much more specific, very soon.

In the meantime, I’ve gone cycling 🙂

2 thoughts on “Gone Cycling”

  1. Congratulations on escaping the rat race. Could you leave the tunnel open for the rest of us? 😉

    Enjoy the cycling, seems just the right weather at the mo.

  2. Hi Lynn, making the decision and more importantly following through with it has enabled me to get rid of an awful lot of mind-clutter, even though some clients took more persuading than others that I was ACTUALLY retiring. And by all means follow me through the door 🙂

    And who knows, I could have time to pop into Chams one of these fine Thursdays 😉

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