RIP 2022

RIP 2022

In all honesty I will be glad to see the back of 2022. At the back end of 2021 it all looked very promising. I’d gone full-time with my employer in the November, getting rid of another part-time job in the process to simplify life and put a few more shekels in my pocket.

And then just before Christmas my employer was looking for volunteers to transfer to another department. The working days were better (Mon-Thurs instead of Sun-Wed) allowing me to join my cycling buddies for an extra day of cycling per week. It all seemed like a great move to make.

So, in January I made the move, but it soon became apparent that the jobs in the new department were causing my back pain to get much worse. The company did listen and put me on another job, but although this was marginally better the back pain was still significantly worse.

To cut a very long story short, it took until November (and the intervention of senior management) to get transferred back to my original department where, within a month, the pain had gone back to it’s original level, which I’ve lived with for 45yrs and can cope with.

On top of this I was being disciplined for quality issues with my work, which I explained was caused by the back pain affecting my concentration, but my employer ignored this, causing me a lot of stress.

As a result of the ridiculously long delay in getting transferred back to my original department I have not cycled with my regular cycling friends for the whole of 2022.

And to make matters worse, this month I’ve developed pain in my groin so I still can’t go cycling. I have a kidney and bladder MRI scan at the end of January, and hopefully the issue can be resolved fairly soon.

With the resultant stress and depression I’ve been very unsociable, keeping myself to myself, but hopefully as things improve in 2023 I’ll come out of my shell a bit more.

Good riddance to 2022 and here’s hoping for better things to come in 2023!

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