Girl on Girl Book Review

Girl on Girl: Art and Photography in the Age of the Female Gaze

Girl on Girl is a contemporary look at women photographing women – the female gaze.

Author, Charlotte Jansen, is a former editor-at-large at Elephant magazine, and has written two books on photography: Girl on Girl (2017) and Photography Now (2021). She also presents the Dior Talks podcast.

Girl on Girl is a richly diverse take on the female gaze, showcasing a wide variety of impressive, contemporary female creativity from 40 international artists.

And this makes for interesting reading, as some of the artists investigate and explore their different culturally-linked identities. Others examine their own bodies to tell a different story from the mainstream commercial/ad narrative.

What struck me particularly, was the natural portrayal of women subjects photographed by other women – something which I feel is rarely captured by male photographers for a variety of reasons.

All this has been done successfully in an art context, but which unfortunately is sadly lacking in the aforementioned commercial/ad arena. But maybe that will change, although I’m not holding my breath.

“Young female artists are using photography and social media to explore issues of female identity. This gorgeous book introduces 40 of them, in an investigation of photography and the female gaze.”Eva Wiseman, Observer Magazine

If you’re interested in taking a look at what women art photographers are doing in this internet age I can highly recommend Girl on Girl.

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