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Hundred Heroines – Gabrielle Motola

Hundred Heroines claims to be the only UK charity to “promote the universal recognition of women in photography, past, present and future”.

And part of their endeavours is the annual nominations for “those yet to be internationally discovered, to those whose contributions are underacknowledged, to others whose universal recognition deserves more championing.” And the 2021 nominations are now open.

With this in mind, I’d like you to consider a woman who has been working in the field of photography for 25+ years, an adventurer who doesn’t recognise any limitations to getting out there, despite having to overcome her social anxieties when she approaches total strangers in the street to make their portraits.

She has exhibited internationally, had a book published about Iceland, “An Equal Difference” – triggered by her curosity into the country’s approach to dealing with the banking sector in the aftermath of the banking crisis. Taking that as her starting point, she then delved into the whole Icelandic way of life. It’s not just a photography book, but a sociological study of a society other nations would do well to take note of.

This woman is Gabrielle Motola, a person who gives freely of her experience of life and photography. Through her websiteinstagram and Twitter accounts, and even more so through her Patreon page (info only, membership required for access), gives precious nuggets of information and insights into her photographic processes, mental health issues and vulnerabilities in a refreshingingly open and honest way – no self-pity here. Further benefits of Patreon membership include access to her Discord community, a very positive space for discussing photography related matters. And again, she freely shares her thoughts and advice for the benefit of her fellow photographers.

And for this reason if you feel moved to do so, I’d ask you to nominate her to be part of Hundred Heroines 2021.

Nomination Form here.

If you need help with the nomination process, a list of Gabrielle’s accomplishments can be found on her About page under “Exhibitions and Awards“.

Thank you.

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