Andrea and Charlotte

Makeup Masterclass

It wasn’t long after Andrea did my makeup, for a night out at Leeds First Friday (LFF), that she asked me if I would cover a makeup masterclass for her.

Andrea is so easy to get on with that I jumped at the chance of photographing the event, but I have to say the same old thoughts crept into my mind. You know, those closely associated with imposter syndrome – was I good enough? Would I come out with any decent photographs? Being an indoor event, would any mixed lighting ruin the shots? Would Andrea like them?

All I can do in these situations is prepare thoroughly for the event, and do my best not to listen to those niggling, nagging, confidence-sapping doubts. It’s curious that of all the events I’ve covered not one has turned into a disaster, and even when there were shots that didn’t work out, clients have loved what I’ve done. And one lovely couple even mentioned to a mutual friend that they thought I wasn’t charging enough! But it does seem to be a bit of a ritual, this mild form of torture I put myself through. But at least I try to tell myself it’s what keeps me on my toes and stops me from getting smug and complacent.

Of course, Andrea’s event was no different, except that the head of the academy was there, which made me feel a twinge of extra pressure, but I got through it, even enjoyed myself. Andrea liked the photos, job done!

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