Nan Goldin Book Review

Nan Goldin

The author, Guido Costa, curates exhibitions worldwide and is a widely published author on the subjects of art and photography. He has also been a subject of Nan Goldin’s many times, and worked with her professionally.

This book is out of print but affordable copies are available – I have linked to one, below.

There is a 12 page introduction followed by photographs, in chronological order, from 1973 to 2000 – alongside these images is a description and often details of the circumstances surrounding them.

In Charlotte Cotton’s book, The Photograph As Contemporary Art, Nan Goldin is featured prominently in the chapter “Intimate Life”.

“The photographer who has had the most direct and obvious influence on the photography of intimate lives is the American Nan Goldin (b. 1953). Her thirty-year (and continuing) exploration of her ‘selected’ family of friends and lovers not only chronicles the narratives of her circle but also, in a number of ways, sets the standard by which intimate photography and its creators are judged.”
Charlotte Cotton

This book is ideal for those who want an introduction/concise overview of Nan Goldin’s work, but for a more detailed view of her work I’d suggest seeking out her books such as The Ballad of Sexual Dependency or The Other Side, a personal favourite of mine. I’ll review these two titles at a later date.

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