Fujifilm X100V

Time for a Change (again)

Changing camera systems should never be taken lightly, if only for the effect it has on your purse, but here I am again. It’s not the first time I’ve gone from Nikon to Fujifilm, but this is at the more extreme end of such a change in that I’ve chosen a fixed lens (23mm, 35mm equiv.) – the Fujifilm X100V. No more zooming in and out to frame a shot, it’s back to good old-fashioned foot work.

There were quite a few reasons for the change: The first was compactness – I wanted a camera I could pack for longer cycle rides and mini bike-packing adventures; a camera that didn’t give me shoulder and neck ache; and one that gave me all the advantages of a mirrorless design; plus Fujifilm’s brilliant film simulations.

The one plus point of the Nikon full-frame system I’m loosing is that amazingly shallow depth of field that can be achieved with full-frame sensors. But as my photography is developing into more environmental style shots I think I can live without such dramatic bokeh. Mind you, as I’m also heavily invested in portrait photography the 35mm (equiv.) lens of the X100V should produce closer work that doesn’t distort a subject’s facial features – provided I don’t get too close! And the lens will be great for environmental portraits.

However, being of the shy retiring violet persuasion I will need to overcome my discomfort with working at close distance with my subjects. But that’s where the small form factor of the X100V will work in my favour as it is a fact that people generally don’t like big cameras and lenses getting too close.

I’ll leave you now with a couple of shots taken since the purchase last week.

Brighton West Pier
Evening wear for the “In Girl Mode” Worthing trans social event

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